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Delve into the epic world of Freewar. is a free online role-playing game, where you will meet thousands of fellow players. No download necessary!

Choose between 8 different races and mould your own character with various individual skills.

Explore a vast world; find hundreds of weapons, spells and artefacts to wield in battle.

Fight epic battles for your people and your clan; organise war parties to dominate the world for your faction.

Use the fully dynamic stock exchange, the auction hall and the market hall to become an influential merchant.

With the fully integrated chat system, you can talk to people beside you, formulate plans in secret with the members of your clan or party, and draw everyone's attention by shouting.

Freewar is constantly being updated. Discover new regions, adventures and items every month.

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You can find the newest additions to Freewar in the Freewar forum:


Features is a fantasy role-playing game, which uses a modern browser game engine. No download is necessary and you can start playing immediately using any internet browser. Freewar is very easy to learn and play. It only takes a few minutes to discover how easy it is to have fun while exploring the many areas in this exciting world. But you will also find that there is always something new to discover and a new challenge to master - because there is hardly a game that is updated as often as Freewar. Watch as the world around you grows ever larger with new regions, adventures and features.

Support System

In the Freewar Support System, you can post your questions as well as suggestions. The system ensures that you will quickly get an answer to your inquiry:
Freewar Support System



Not only do we have a great online community where you can meet many nice people from all over the world, but, in Germany, you can also take part in Freewar conventions, which take place twice a year.


There are various professions you can choose for yourself in the Freewar World. You can specialise in hunting NPCs, either on your own or with a clan or party. You can devote yourself to perfecting your attack and defense strategies, and earn your reputation as a player killer. Or you can be an entirely peaceful merchant or cook, trading with other players as you make your fortune. And you can explore the Freewar World while going on Quests for the Quest Hall - maybe you will discover a secret dungeon or adventure on your travels. Freewar offers an infinite number of opportunities.


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