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National Security Agency


I'm serious;
don't know how much you heard, but Sotrax is denying our world a change from the rulership of Kronos, or at least a push for more changes, so starting today, this world is in a state of emergency. A revolt is ongoing. For the freedom of this world!

Join now!

The archaeologist takes your Iron Wall and examines it closely. Then he uses a hammer to attach the Honed Hardstone Slabs to the wall and hands it back to you.

WTB: Crystal Spheres 1,5k

WTS: Amulet of Lesser Frostspite

kushiel hands one Blunt Baru Blade over to TSubasa. (Currently the blade has been sharpened with 4815 of 5000 bundles of baru corn.)

Dunno what I should say... Thanks man!

Tsubasa takes one Global Resurrection Spell.

TSubasa makes a Red Portal Machine.




Human Worker
The workers are the group of Humans who built everything; without them, Konlir would not exist. They are more intelligent than warriors, however, they are also weaker. Because the focus of their efforts is usually creation rather than destruction, they tend to be richer than warriors, and they have a knack for finding gold in the most unusual places.

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