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Your attributes are determined by your total experience and the courses you have taken at the academies. Some in-game effects can also influence your attributes temporarily.

Attribute increases gained from XP:
- Strength: 1 point for every 100 XP
- Defence: 1 point for every 250 XP
- Intelligence: 1 point for every 83.33 XP
- Speed: 1 point for every 5 intelligence points

These increases work both ways; lose XP and your stats will also be reduced.

Stat gains through academies are slightly more complex. Any course you take at an academy will increase your academy level. If your academy level is above your total experience, you cannot take another course until your experience overtakes your academy level again.

There are four academies, namely the academies of life, strength, intelligence and inner strength.

Each course increases your academy level as follows:
- Strength: 130 points
- Life: 100 points
- Intelligence: 40 points
- Inner Strength: 110 points

There is one academy not directly related to your attributes, namely the Academy of Inner Strength. Taking a course at the Academy of Inner Strength will enable you to use your character's special skill every 12 hours. Each race has its own special skill. You can only take one course at the Academy of Inner Strength.

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