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1 What is Freewar?
2 Registration
3 Choosing a Race
4 Starting the game
5 Communication
6 Profile
7 Experience
8 Attributes
9 Items
10 Fighting
11 NPCs
12 Healing
13 Gold
14 Banks
15 Clans
16 Parties
17 Skills
18 Admins and Mods
19 Account Deletion
20 Bans and Imprisonment
21 Credits

1 What is Freewar?Contents
Freewar is a free fantasy browser game that runs in real-time. As a player, you control a character that interacts with the Freewar world. This includes talking to other players, exploring, killing NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and so forth. The world is persistent and accounts aren't reset or deleted.

2 RegistrationContents
Before you can start playing, you have to create an account. This can be done by clicking "Register now" on the main page.

You will have to choose a world to play in. The character you create will forever be associated with the world you select, so choose wisely. The map doesn't change from world to world, but it does affect who else you will be playing with.

On the next page you will be asked to choose a name for your character. Keep in mind that your name has to conform to the T&C and Netiquette (e.g. no foul language). Enter a valid e-mail address; you will be sent an e-mail with your account password. You may change the password once you log in to the game.

You will also see a link to the terms and conditions at this point. We suggest you read the terms carefully before agreeing to abide by them.

3 Choosing a RaceContents
There are several races to choose from. Each race is different, and your choice will affect your starting stats and which racial alliance you are part of. Each race also has its own special skill, items and benefits. This means that each race offers different possibilities and emphasis.

For example, a feature of Human Workers and Serum Wraiths: As a member of either race, you can swap to the other race in Konlir and Reikan.

4 Starting the gameContents
You will start the game at your race's birthplace. The upper right corner is where you will find your attributes, your inventory, and your skills menu. If you look towards the lower-right corner of the screen, you will notice the minimap. You can move around by clicking squares adjacent to the middle field with the "X" that represents your current location. The red numbers on the minimap show how many other players are on any given field.

Traveling time depends on several factors. Some items or effects can alter this. The standard travelling time is 6 seconds, or more if you are overburdened.

5 CommunicationContents
You can chat with other players by whispering to a specific player, adressing your current field, talking to your clan or party or with a shout. You can also send letters.

6 ProfileContents
You can find your profile by clicking the preferences link in the lower righthand corner. You can edit the profile to change your character's description. You can also see other players' profiles by clicking on their name if they're on the same field as you are.

7 ExperienceContents
An important aspect of the game is the experience you accumulate. This is measured via experience points (XP). You can see how much XP you have by looking at the number next to your name.

Some ways to gain experience:
- By Killing NPCs
- By defeating enemy players in battle
- Being trained by a more experienced clan-mate
- Some spells can also give experience or can be used to steal experience from other players.
- Completing assignments as a tissue sample hunter.

You can also lose experience. For example, you lose experience when you die.

8 AttributesContents
Your attributes are determined by your total experience and the courses you have taken at the academies. Some in-game effects can also influence your attributes temporarily.

Attribute increases gained from XP:
- Strength: 1 point for every 100 XP
- Defence: 1 point for every 250 XP
- Intelligence: 1 point for every 83.33 XP
- Speed: 1 point for every 5 intelligence points

These increases work both ways; lose XP and your stats will also be reduced.

Stat gains through academies are slightly more complex. Any course you take at an academy will increase your academy level. If your academy level is above your total experience, you cannot take another course until your experience overtakes your academy level again.

There are four academies, namely the academies of life, strength, intelligence and inner strength.

Each course increases your academy level as follows:
- Strength: 130 points
- Life: 100 points
- Intelligence: 40 points
- Inner Strength: 110 points

There is one academy not directly related to your attributes, namely the Academy of Inner Strength. Taking a course at the Academy of Inner Strength will enable you to use your character's special skill every 12 hours. Each race has its own special skill. You can only take one course at the Academy of Inner Strength.

9 ItemsContents
There are many kinds of items in Freewar. While playing, you will come across spells, potions, weapons and armour, to name a few. Some items can only be found when NPCs drop them. Most are available in shops, however. Some of the shops will only sell to certain races. Some items are magical in nature and dissipate over time. They can be identified by the green "(M)" next to the name of the item.

Some weapons can be used by everyone, and other weapons can only be used by one race in particular. Most weapons and armour have a minimum strength or intelligence requirement. A few will also require you to have a certain academy level.

Weapons can be magically copied, too. These copies are usually more powerful than the weapon they were copied from, but the downside is that they dissipate just like any magical item.

10 FightingContents
Suffering Defeat
Means of Attacking
Battle Outcome

10.1 EnemiesContents | Fighting
You can fight NPCs or enemy players. You cannot start a fight with a player who has more than 50 XP less than yourself. However, there are exceptions to this rule: if you strike a player once or attack him, he gains a vengeance right and is allowed to retaliate, no matter the difference in experience. Clan wars are another exception. Every player who is involved in the war may attack members of the enemy clan, irrespective of any differences in experience.

10.2 TraitorsContents | Fighting
Traitors are usually players who killed the Spirit of the World. Being a traitor means you are considered an enemy by every player in the game, which allows them to attack you (normal XP restrictions still apply), but it also means you can attack them.

10.3 Suffering DefeatContents | Fighting
Should you die in battle, you will be returned to your birthplace, losing 2% (up to a maximum of 200) experience points and 70% of the gold you were carrying. Occasionally, you will also lose items you were carrying in your inventory when you were defeated.

10.4 Victory!Contents | Fighting
As long as your academy level is at least 20% that of your total experience, you will gain experience by killing NPCs. NPCs drop gold and some drop items.

As long as your academy level is at least 50% that of your total experience, you will gain 2% of your opponent's experience if you win a player verses/versus player battle (pvp), to a maximum of 200 points. Additionally, you will also be awarded 70% of the gold they happen to carry at the time.

10.5 Means of AttackingContents | Fighting
Once you've settled on a target to attack, you will have the following options:

- Strike once: This works both in PvP and against NPCs. You will make a single strike against your target, and they will make a single strike against you.

- Strike once with clan mark: This only works on NPCs. You will make a single strike, but you will also mark the NPC for a minute. While this mark remains active, only you and members of your clan will be able to attack the NPC. The marking can be renewed at any time. The marking will not occur if you die while making the attempt.

- Strike once with party mark: Same as above, but it marks the NPC in such a way that only party members can attack it.

- Attack: This works on NPCs and Players. When you attack something or someone, the fight will continue until one of you is dead.

- Chase Away: This option will only become available when you have a total of 1000 XP. It can only be used against NPCs. When you successfully chase an NPC away, you will not receive any experience and the NPC won't drop any items, however, the NPC will still drop gold.
Chasing NPCs does carry a risk, though. If you fail to chase the NPC away, it will seriously injure you.

- Spit: This only works against other players. You spit in their face, and everyone on the field gets to know about it.

10.6 Battle OutcomeContents | Fighting
The battle is decided by each player's attack power, their defense, and the current life points of both players.

11 NPCsContents
NPCs are randomly spawned across the Freewar World, but their spawn rate is affected by the number of players online. A few of the NPCs are marked as party NPCs or unique NPCs. These NPCs can only be hit with single strikes; they can never be attacked outright. Such NPCs usually drop very rare or powerful items, so the extra effort involved in killing them is usually worth the effort.

12 HealingContents
All characters become injured at some point. But don't worry, there are many ways to heal yourself. Many shops offer healing spells or potions. There are many fields scattered throughout the world which will heal you for a little gold or in exchange for a little experience, or will allow you to heal yourself by resting for a while. Also, if you learn the right skills and have the right items, you can heal yourself at no cost to yourself.

As a new player, you will frequently be healed free of charge by Beings of Light. This is to help you while you get your bearings.

13 GoldContents
As in real life, few services come for free. To visit academies or buy items, you will need gold. The most straight-forward method is to hunt and kill NPCs, but there are many alternatives. (such as, for instance?)

14 BanksContents
It's risky to carry everything you own with you, and even worse, if you carry too many items at once, your movement speed will be dramatically slowed. That's what banks are for. You can deposit gold at a bank free of charge, and you even earn daily interest on any gold you have in the bank. You can also store items in deposit boxes, but this will cost a minor fee.

15 ClansContents
There are many clans in Freewar. Each clan can consist of up to 30 players. There are several advantages to being in a clan: you can use clan telepathy to chat to other members of your clan no matter where they are on the map. You can also send a distress call out to your clan, which will allow them to instantly teleport to your location. Clans can also have a separate bank account and storage space for items. Be aware that founding a clan or inviting players to join your clan costs gold.

16 PartiesContents
A party can be formed at any time, free of charge. Parties can consist of up to 5 players at once. Parties also have the option of sharing all the gold they gather from kills, and if a party member stands on the same field as you, they will give you a bonus to the damage you do when you attack NPCs.

17 SkillsContents
Reading books will grant you access to skills. These skills can then be trained/honed to improve their effectiveness. Some skills will grant you new abilities, while others will improve your current abilities. Other skills will improve your gold earning potential, or reduce the cost of certain services. At present, there are more than 30 skills to choose from. Most of the books can be bought in shops, but a few have to be found as drops from NPCs.

18 Admins and ModsContents
There are a number of mods and admins to make sure that each world runs smoothly. Mods do not have any in-game benefits over normal players and there is nothing to distinguish a mod from any other player. Mods make sure that players behave politely towards each other and also solve disputes between players. Admins are part of the development team and are responsible for adding new content to Freewar and also ensure that the servers are running smoothly.

19 Account DeletionContents
Inactive accounts are eventually deleted, although this usually happens after months of inactivity. You can also choose to manually delete your account, but you should be aware that there is a short grace period that will allow you to recover the account if you change your mind.

20 Bans and ImprisonmentContents
Players are usually banned as a result of violating the terms and conditions they agreed to when they first created their accounts. Lesser offences will usually result in the player's character being placed in the game's prison for a variable period of time. Bans can be appealed via the support feature. Support site:

21 CreditsContents
We would like to thank the following people for this guide: Rhapsody (translation)

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